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STASH is a community of whiskey lovers setting their own barrel of Austin's first bourbon since Prohibition.

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set aside your own personal barrel

STASH is for individuals, families, friends, groups and businesses who want to stash away a piece of history or commemorate a special occasion by setting aside their own barrel. Reserve your barrel to mark company milestones or give bottles of bourbon from your stash as unique and memorable gifts for colleagues and clients.


Limited Supply

Still Austin Whiskey Company will produce a limited number of STASH barrels

First Dibs

First Dibs

STASH members receive first rights to the bottles from their select single barrel
the real deal

The Real Deal

STASH bourbon is Still Austin's premium bourbon, aged in rare air-cured barrels


Personalized for You

  • Barrel head on your 53-gal. barrel bears your brand 
  • Access to tasting notes as your barrel ages
  • Each bottle from your barrel can be personalized

Tastings & Cocktails

  • Complimentary tastings at the distillery 
  • Membership to our unofficial tasting panel - Whiskey Geeks

STASH Events

  • Invitations to annual STASH events
  • Quarterly "Night Cap" gatherings at the Distillery


  • Receive four personalized commemorative bottles of your premium bourbon. At your request, additional bottles ordered and purchased from your barrel can be personalized in commemoration.

How STASH Works

Step 1
A STASH barrel is selected. These premium barrels are made from oak staves that have been seasoned and air-dried outdoors for at least two years before being coopered into a barrel. These barrels produce remarkably rich and complex spirits. The barrel is filled with distillery select bourbon.
Step 2
The barrelhead of your STASH is branded to bear your name. Each STASH barrel is individually numbered and Still Austin’s STASH team monitors maturation and reports tasting notes to your personal account.
Step 3
While the exact number will vary, each barrel typically produces 150 to 250 bottles of bourbon. The difference is the "Angel's Share", a term describing the spirit that evaporates while aging in the barrel. Tip: typically, the greater the Angel's Share, the better the bourbon.
Step 4

While your barrel is aging, you'll receive invitations to a variety of STASH events providing the opportunity to meet other community members.

Step 5

STASH member names/logos are on display at the distillery. During your barrel’s maturation period, distillery visitors will see your commitment to quality, artisanal Austin whiskey made in an authentic “grain-to-glass” distillery.

Step 6

When your barrel is ready, you'll be notified by our team. While there's no obligation to purchase bottles from your barrel, you'll receive first rights and may order and purchase up to the maximum yield from your barrel. Purchase and receive your bottles from your favorite participating liquor store in Texas by providing your assigned STASH batch number. Bottle prices will be set by the retailer at the time of purchase.

Step 7

Receive four personalized commemorative bottles at the distillery. At your request, additional bottles ordered and purchased from your barrel can be personalized in commemoration.

Step 8

Keep your beautiful 53-gallon STASH barrel to display at home or at your business

Reserve Your Barrel Today

Contact Still Austin Whiskey Co. for more information on STASH membership availability and pricing.

(512) 276-2700

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