High Rye Bourbon: Batch Three

This third batch of High Rye Bourbon Whiskey has been specially blended for a one-time, limited-barrel release. We hand-selected white corn, Elbon rye, and “wildfire” malted barley. Then we put the humidity and rapidly shifting temperatures of Central Texas to work, coaxing flavors from the charred oak barrels in our rickhouse. The result: warm spice aromas that leap out of the glass to greet you, followed by delicious caramel notes derived from original, thoughtfully sourced grains.

This is true bourbon whiskey, made the Austin way.

Mash bill

70% Non-GMO white corn, 25% rye and 5% malted barley.

Tasting notes

Master Distiller John Schrepel says he’s quite pleased with how well Batch Three has followed up on the success of Batch Two: “On the nose, while slightly more grain-forward than Batch Two, this new release still pops with sweeter notes of vanilla, brown sugar, and caramel. Once again, the whiskey is very smooth, very well-rounded. Rye spice still pops out to me first, with the corn following right behind. The mouthfeel and finish are very close to the same as Batch Two. Very pleasant.”

How We Make Our Bourbon

We “raise” our barrels from birth to maturity using a labor-intensive philosophy known as slow-water reduction, which weds the bourbon to our local climate while maintaining the spirit’s connection to its original grains. Focusing on flavor and balance, the slow-water reduction technique extracts flavors from charred oak: while the barrels endure the wild swings of Texas weather, we add a little water each month to bring out more "mature" notes like vanilla and caramel.

Our Distillery

Josh Row: The artist behind the label

Native Austinite Josh Row got into graphic design at a young age, when he fell in love with the illustrations on his skateboard decks. These days, he’s focused on creating innovative designs and painting murals for his independent venture, Showgoat Mural Works. When he’s not designing murals and whiskey labels, Josh serves as co-owner and design director for No-Comply skate shop in Austin.