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The People Must Have Their Whiskey!

Published April 24, 2020

We’ve been working with the Texas Whiskey Association to enact a temporary change in Texas’s direct shipping law for distilled spirits, due to the coronavirus situation. This change would allow you to shop online for distilled spirits and have them shipped directly to your doorstep. With that said, we are still 100% committed to supporting…

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So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

Published April 14, 2020

Over the next few months, our distillery will produce more than 100,000 gallons of hand sanitizer. Yes, gallons. For those of you scoring at home, that’s nearly 12 million ounces of hand sanitizer—or roughly a soda can’s worth for every person in Austin. Through a partnership with the City of Austin and Travis County COVID-19…

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Doing Our Part to Keep Austin Safe

Published March 13, 2020

At Still Austin, we take whiskey very seriously—and nothing is more serious than the safety of our team and our dedicated customers. That’s why we have made the difficult decision to close our tasting room bar for the next few weeks, along with cancelling upcoming events. Faced with the spread of COVID-19, we are charged with…

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The Show Is #STILLOn

Published March 12, 2020

Hey Hey, My My, Rock and Roll Will Never Die Here at Still, we are both proud and saddened by our city’s decision to shut down Austin’s largest music festival. Despite this setback, we want to continue to support our local musicians—and those who have traveled from afar, despite the dangers. We also want to…

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Distiller’s Corner: Feeling Our Oats

Published March 2, 2020

We’ve had some serious success with our Distillery Reserve Series—especially with our special holiday release Sherry Cask Finished Bourbon, which sold out almost immediately. But to quote rock demigods Bachman Turner Overdrive, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.   We’ve got some dandy spirits coming down the line, starting with a bourbon made with naked oats….

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50 bands in 5 days? Let’s do this.

Published February 16, 2020

America’s suh-wankiest music festival is heading to our backyard this March. As a whiskey distillery in the Live Music Capital of the World, you didn’t think we’d slack, did you? Of course not, silly. We’ve got some big plans in the works this year. Fifty bands, to be exact–over the course of five glorious days….

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