We're Still Austin - Still Austin Whiskey Co.

Our city changes.
Our spirit doesn’t.

Austin looks a whole lot different than it did 25 years ago—or even five years ago. But underneath all that new-city shine, we’re Still Austin. Here at Still, we’re committed to protecting our city’s gritty, cheeky, tenacious, brash, uncompromising originality.


The city that produced Stevie Ray is STILL the city that produced the undefinable resourcefulness of Thor Harris, the endless innovation of Graham Reynolds, and the phantasmagorical musical explosion that is Calliope Musicals. And that’s just the music! In every area of the arts, Austin remains the beating heart of Texas.


In Austin, you’ll find drag queens dining alongside rodeo queens and hipsters drinking with hippies. Despite Austin’s explosive growth, we remain one big community, defined by our passions. This is STILL the city of world-famous ribs and Shinyribs, of dive bars and espresso bars, of afternoon front-porch hangs and late-night backyard parties.


Our city was built from the ground up by rugged, workworn hands—and that spirit survives today. From cowboy hats to wood furniture, from street murals to slow-cooked brisket, the craft spirit STILL thrives in Austin.