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Still Austin Whiskey Co.
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We’re passionate about whiskey and excited to deliver new whiskey expressions, bold flavor experiments and seasonal offerings available in the Tasting Room.

Why "Grain-to-Glass"?

Using grains grown regionally ensures freshness and quality and integrates us into the local agricultural community. As a “Grain-to-Glass” distillery, we mash, ferment, distill, barrel and bottle all of our products at the distillery.


We produce spirits daily, and on a tour you’ll see exactly how it’s done. Check out our 45-foot bourbon still and copper pot still, and the entire production facility. Take a tour, enjoy a tasting and kick back in the Whiskey Garden.

Our Story

Prior to 1920 whiskey was a regional specialty, crafted by local distilleries located in cities across America. Prohibition brought this to a halt. This was followed by the consolidation of distilleries, and recovery has taken almost 100 years.

One evening in 2013, a group of Austin friends sketched out an idea to build the first whiskey distillery located inside Austin's city limits since Prohibition. It was a crazy thing to do, but here we are: In 2017, the dream is reality.

Still Austin Whiskey Co. is a community of whiskey adventurers working hard to make whiskey once again a regional specialty. We hope you’ll join us.



Here's your chance to Distill Your Own Barrel. Get a group together and learn the art of distilling - grain-to-glass.

Whiskey Geek


Would you like to call a barrel of Still Austin Whiskey Company’s bourbon your own?

Authentically Crafted.
Made in Austin.

The decision to be a “Grain-to-Glass” distillery was driven by a desire to be as authentic as the city we call home. Whiskey takes time, and that’s part of its appeal. Focusing on details like local grains, limestone-filtered water, and the hot Texas climate helps us deliver something unique to Austin. Look for classic and innovative whiskey expressions as well as bourbon, small batch specialty spirits, and seasonal offerings.

Austin, TX

In early 2017 (date TBA), Still Austin will swing open its doors to provide tastings, tours and a truly unique event venue. Come fold out a lawn chair and kick back with friends.


Come see how we turn local grains to bold, delicious whiskey and bourbon. All of our innovative spirits are made from scratch right here in Austin.


New whiskey expressions, bold flavor experiments, and seasonal offerings. Come sample spirits and special cocktails made from what’s created on the distillery floor.


Still Austin will provide a unique event space, outdoors and indoors, for music, parties, weddings, rehearsal dinners–you name it.

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