A Hands-On Craft Whiskey Experience

Making whiskey is an age-old craft and a memorable experience – one that’s best when shared with friends. Learn all about distilling - grain to glass.

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Learn the art. Enjoy the journey. Savor your masterpiece.

Distill Your Own Barrel (DYOB) is for groups or organizations looking for an authentic and unique Austin experience to share with friends, family, or colleagues. It’s a customized experience where you’ll learn more than you ever thought possible about the craft of distilling - from grain-to-glass.


Whiskey Intellectuals

You know who you are! Gather a group and get busy on your own experimental whiskey project.

Special Occasions

Parties and other special occasions with friends. It’s also a good way to make new friends.
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Business Meetings

Break loose with co-workers or customers for a unique event. Customize your day at the distillery.
  • Take away your own, one-of-a-kind, handmade, grain-to-glass whiskey expression and amazing memories
  • Groups: minimum of 10 people; maximum of 30 per group
  • Pre-DYOB Day: Work with our team to design/customize your DYOB Day
  • DYOB Day: Spend time with our production crew and learn the art of crafting whiskey
  • Reunion bottling party at the distillery
  • DYOB minimum of 10 people; maximum of 30 per group
  • PreDYOB Day: Our team will help you customize your DYOB experience
  • DYOB Day: A customized experience where your group will learn the art of crafting whiskey
  • Reunion bottling party at the distillery


Pre DYOB Day

  • Select your group (10-50 people; adults over 21 years only)
  • Work with our DYOB team to tailor events to your group or organization needs.
  • Choose the style of whiskey you want to make (our team can provide guidance)


  • Distill with the Distiller – learn and participate in the distillation of your whiskey; learn about the science of fermentation
  • Guided tastings of a variety of whiskey expressions
  • Hands-on barreling of your own whiskey. Your group can sign the barrel head when you’re done!
  • Kick back with food and a cocktail of the day

Tasting Day

  • Return for at taste test straight from the Barrel. Whiskey gets even better with time!
  • As part of the full experience, we’ll schedule a tasting from your barrel to check maturation and see how it’s progressing. Your barrel will reside in our barrel house (we'll take good care of it)

Reunion Bottling Party

  • When whiskey is ready, return to Distillery for a Bottling Party!
  • Your group bottles and labels the whiskey from your barrel
  • Take your signed whiskey barrel home or back to corporate HQ!

Contact Still Austin Whiskey Co. for more information on DYOB availability, pricing and scheduling.

(512) 276-2700

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