KXAN Features Still Austin in Story on Repealing Texas Blue Laws - Still Austin Whiskey Co.

We’ve been getting a lot of attention recently for our work to fight blue laws, including this story from KXAN. Still Austin has been helping to lead the charge against outdated so-called “Blue Laws” in the state of Texas. These laws prevent many Texas businesses (including liquor stores and distilleries) from operating on Sunday.

A new bill in the State Legislature, House Bill 937, would get rid of Texas’s remaining blue laws, allowing small businesses (like Still) to profit off of Sunday bottle sales. As they stand now, the laws hamstring liquor stores and distilleries, taking away the opportunity to operate on a weekend day–a day that would otherwise be one of the most profitable for the industry.

Want to help us fight the good fight? Call your state representative (you can find out who represents you by clicking here), and tell them you support the passage of HB 937! We can’t do this without you!

View the full article below:

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