Our tasting room is STILL open for retail!

While our tasting room is currently closed, walk-in and curbside sales still are available Monday-Saturday from 12-8. We will be offering merchandise only, and we’re extending a 10% discount on all bottles purchased on-site!

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True to the spirit of Austin

Still is a homegrown grain-to-glass distillery in the heart of Austin, and we use only Texas-grown grains. Every step of our process is performed with a ridiculous level of care and attention, which you can taste in our spirits. Seriously.

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Heart and soul distilling

We are a ragtag collection of whiskey obsessives, gin enthusiasts, sustainability wonks, and good friends. We nerd out about the theory of élevage and heirloom grain varieties. But, you know, in a cool way.

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Check out our new Still Austin Gin bottle: same great spirit with a new look! So great, in fact, that it won the 2019 Good Food Award!

OUR GIN is uniquely crafted from a base of Texas Rye grains, which we mill and distill ourselves, in a process that moves through two separate stills. The result is a perfectly balanced gin, made in small batches with real botanicals like juniper, coriander seeds, cinnamon, citrus peels, elderflower and allspice.

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High Rye, Redefined

On October 7th, we unveiled a second batch of our already-beloved High Rye Bourbon Whiskey. This one-time, limited barrel release is available now, but when it's gone, it's gone--so don't wait to get a bottle.

OUR BOURBON is built around the idea that distilling is as much art as it is science. Every step is performed with intention, using 100% Texas-grown grains. Distilling in our 42-foot custom-made column still, “Nancy,” gives our distillers serious creative license to create new flavors, and barreling in the heart of Texas farm country lets our whiskey benefit from clean rural air.

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second batch limited release still austin bourbon whiskey


We do everything here at our South Austin distillery. Starting with local Texas grains, there’s no part of the whiskey-making process we don’t have our hands in, from milling and mashing, fermenting and distilling, to barreling and bottling. After distillation, we send the spent grains back to the farmers to feed their livestock and amend their soil—bringing the entire process full-circle and back to its origins.

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Tues-Thurs: 5pm, 7pm
Fri: 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm
Sat: 1pm-8pm, every hour
Sunday: 1pm-5pm, every hour

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Élevage (AY-luh-vahzh, “to raise”) is the longstanding tradition of showing extreme care for aging barrels. In simple terms, this means we add a little bit of pure water to the barrel, month by month, over the course of ten months. This meticulous technique brings forth the different flavor components derivable from oak, resulting in layer upon layer of depth and character, and “raising” the rye to its full potential.

elevage at still austin whiskey company in austin