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Our city is always changing.

Our spirit is still Austin.

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We make whiskey for everyone: the musicians, the visionaries, the lovers, the scientists, the oddballs, the artists, the everyday dreamers.


“The Musician”

Blending sweet notes and bright tones together in perfect harmony, this is music in a bottle.

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Whiskey for the creative soul


“The Naturalist”

Twelve botanicals combine to form a gin for the uninhibited soul. It’s not polite to stare.

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Gin for the uninhibited soul

Cask Strength

A deeper more "metal" version of our beloved straight bourbon. Bottled at 118 proof, we've combined power and subtlety in one gorgeous spirit.

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Whiskey for the creative soul

Texas Grown


Still Austin is proud to be one of the only distilleries in Texas to source grains from local farmers, distilled ecologically in-house, and aged right here in the Texas Hill Country. Using ingredients from our homeland allows the creativity and individuality of Texas to shine through every sip.

  • “I'm hooked on the spice from the rye, alongside the hints of brown sugar, caramel, and toffee. The smooth, lasting lingering finish is bliss.

    -Gabby Pharms, UPROXX

  • “A healthy bit of caramel with some vanilla in the background. But that's not what makes this interesting...”

    -Nick Leghorn, Thirty-One Whiskey

  • “You know that pink bunny in the battery commercials? The finish on this just kept going and going and going.”

    -Jeff Schwartz a/k/a The Whiskeyfellow

  • “It is a Clint Eastwood/John Wayne
    western film in a glass.”

    -Matt Zitrick, Whiskey Crusaders

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Our world-class distillery, located in the heart of Austin, is open every day for the public to have a drink, listen to live music, take a tour, or book your next group outing.

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  • Michael Ramos

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    Michael Ramos

    Michael Ramos is an Austin producer, composer and musician who has toured and recorded with a vast array of artists, including John Mellencanp, the Rembrandts, Paul Simon, Robert Plant, Kris Kristofferson, Patty Griffin, Los Lonely Boys, the BoDeans, Pat Green and Lucinda Williams. He is the owner of Brown Recluse Studio, where he produces projects for others as well as his own music, film and TV scoring projects—as well as his own music project, Charanga Cakewalk. In 2016, Ramos was awarded a Latin Grammy for his studio work with Lila Downs. In addition to his successful career as a musician, composer and producer, Michael has joined Lucky Hound Music as an A&R person and staff producer....

    November 26, 2021
  • Wiley Ross

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    Wiley Ross

    Wiley Ross is a critically acclaimed painter, muralist and musician. Born and raised in Springfield, Missouri, Wiley’s focus has been art for most of his life. However, while in college on an art scholarship, he also decided to pursue music. So he picked up a guitar, loaded up his van, and hit the road to Austin. Soon, his hard-hitting rock trio, Street Light Suzie, was born. After touring the country and recording their first CD, "Red River Revival," the band’s blistering demos got the attention of Guns N’ Roses alum Gilby Clarke. The union was a resounding success, and the band traveled to LA to record in Clarke’s studio, resulting in the critically acclaimed "Red Album." As Wiley has begun to focus once again on art, his reputation has grown in size—and so have his creations. Austinites can now see his large murals on walls throughout the city....

    October 21, 2021
  • Julian Acosta

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    Julian Acosta

    Julian Acosta has made a big name for himself recent in the Austin music scene, despite having only begun his professional music career a little over five years ago. Acosta is, in his own words, a Texas-raised gentleman and a caballero hecho en Mexico. His easy-going manner—Acosta sings, writes and banters in both Spanish and in English—makes him not just bilingual but downright diplomatic, a phenomenon underlined by the fact that Acosta studied at two different universities in two different countries. Acosta’s soulful vocal style blends perfectly with the traditional compositions of his blues-infused tunes, and his gritty disposition belies a sophisticated character with world-class potential. Acosta is, in short, a man with a vibe....

    October 4, 2021
  • Jenny Hoyston

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    Jenny Hoyston

    When we say we’re dedicated to the creative life, we mean it. In fact, even our accountant is a famous musician. Jenny Hoyston is a Texas-born producer, composer and DJ who spent two decades globetrotting as the vocalist/guitarist of legendary San Francisco no wave/punk act Erase Errata. These days she’s settled in Austin, releasing albums mostly under her own name. You can catch Jenny performing live with psychedelic/electronic duo Hey Jellie and DJing everything from classic country vinyl to disco-house cuts at clubs around the capital city. In her spare time, Jenny oversees the day-to-day accounting at Still Austin. ...

    September 17, 2021
  • Carrie Fussell of Calliope Musicals

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    Carrie Fussell of Calliope Musicals

    1. What gets your motor running, artistically? Traveling. When I’m able to go around and see new places, each place kind of turns me into a different version of myself. I feel like in my day-to-day life, when I get in my space, I get really familiarized with all the parts of myself that are...

    September 3, 2021
  • Taylor Moore

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    Taylor Moore

    We were delighted when we learned that Texas thriller writer Taylor Moore had made Still Austin’s “The Musician” the go-to whiskey for the leading man in his debut novel, Down Range. So we got in touch with Taylor, and he jumped at the chance to answer our Seven Questions. Taylor is a sixth-generation Texan who grew up on a farm and ranch northwest of Houston. He is a former CIA Intelligence Officer who worked in both analysis and operations and later consulted for the Department of Defense in Theater Security Cooperation, Force Protection, and Counternarcotics. He now lives in the Texas Panhandle with his wife and two children, where he is a full-time author, screenwriter, and speaker....

    August 18, 2021
  • Graham Reynolds

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    Graham Reynolds

    In this episode of "Seven Questions," celebrated composer Graham Reynolds shares his remarkable recipe for a "Still Austin Old Fashioned." Called “the quintessential modern composer” by the London Independent, Austin-based composer-bandleader-improviser Graham Reynolds creates, performs, and records music for film, theater, dance, rock clubs, and concert halls, with collaborators ranging from Richard Linklater and Jack Black to DJ Spooky and Jeffrey Zeigler. He recently scored Linklater’s Where’d You Go, Bernadette for Annapurna Pictures, Happy Jail for Netflix, the Rude Mechs’ Stop Hitting Yourself for Lincoln Center Theater, Ballet Austin’s Grimm Tales, and a multi-year commission from Ballroom Marfa, The Marfa Triptych. Graham recently signed with the London-based label Fire Records and released his original score for Alfred Hitchcock’s silent classic The Lodger in October 2020....

    August 2, 2021
  • Shaun Branigan

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    Shaun Branigan

    Shaun Branigan has written and performed for Esther’s Follies, America’s longest-running live sketch comedy show, for 23 years. He is one of the creators of Fragile Rock, the world’s greatest and only emo puppet band, whose 2017 NPR "Tiny Desk Concert" went viral. And he has written and produced over a dozen original children’s shows for Zach Scott Theatre. He’s originally from Boston, which rhymes with Austin, so there’s a certain symmetry, no?...

    July 19, 2021
  • Antonio Bond

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    Antonio Bond

    You may recognize Antonio Bond from the current season of HBO’s hit reality show, Full Bloom. Antonio is the founder and owner of Transplants Floral, an independent floral boutique located in Austin. He routinely tours the landscapes of West Texas, California and the American Southwest looking for trinkets, bones, foliage and bucolic items to incorporate into his floral designs. He has no formal training, instead applying his knowledge of art and design to a trade he learned while working in the floral section at a local grocery store. Since his meager beginnings, his work has been sought out through word-of-mouth by renowned photographer Dan Winters, acclaimed Hotelier Liz Lambert, Senator Wendy Davis, and numerous celebrities for weddings and special events. His book Transplants: Eclectic Floral Design is available wherever exceptionally cool books are sold....

    June 30, 2021
  • Brandon Joldersma

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    Brandon Joldersma

    Happy Father’s Day! Here at Still Austin, we consider every aspect of our work to be a creative endeavor—and that philosophy leads right to the top. Brandon Joldersma is our COO, and he approaches the job of running the distillery in the way that a great artist might run an atelier. Born and raised in Holland, Michigan, Brandon worked his way up through the ranks of the beverage industry—working in both wine and cider before turning to whiskey. As Still Austin’s Chief Operating Officer, Brandon has built the distillery into one of the most successful whiskey startups in the history of Texas, with plans to expand nationwide. In the spring of 2020, Brandon and his wife Mae welcomed their first baby, and they’re loving life in Central Texas....

    June 17, 2021
  • Daniel Creamer

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    Daniel Creamer

    Daniel Creamer grew up in Dallas, where he played in quite a few bands over the years. That’s how he wound up putting together The Texas Gentlemen, a band he started “with all my best buds from around town.” The group has taken the Texas indie scene by storm, with Rolling Stone calling their latest album, Floor It, “an engrossing cosmic journey of Texas boogie and psychedelic rock that plays like an aural mushroom trip.” Creamer, who now lives near the Still Austin distillery, has also launched a solo project called Dancey Jenkins. Perhaps most importantly, as he made clear to us in no uncertain terms, “I exclusively like bodybuilding content on Instagram.”...

    June 3, 2021
  • Rachel Dickson

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    Rachel Dickson

    Austin-based artist Rachel Dickson has been honing her artistic skills for the past decade. After the death of her brother in 2014 and then of her son's biological mom in 2015, she used art as a form of therapy to deal with anger and heartache, at last deciding to pursue painting as a full-time career in 2018. Dickson uses art as a therapy, and her work showcases the vast mix of emotions that encompass grief. She specializes in watercolors and frequently uses acrylic and collage. The female form is prevalent in her work, and her use of color and white space are the foundation of each piece. Rachel also has a personal connection to Still Austin; the hand-painted every single individual label for our December 2020 Distillery Reserve Release, Sherry Cask Rye....

    May 19, 2021
  • Thor Harris

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    Thor Harris

    Thor Harris has gained national prominence in recent years as an Austin-based musician, sculptor, artist, writer, carpenter and plumber. His long and storied music career includes stints with SWANS, Bill Callahan, Davendra Banhart, Shearwater, Arthur Brown, Rob Halverson, etc. In 2017, Thor was kicked off Twitter for posting a Nazi-punching tutorial that went viral. In 2018, he accidentally launched a bid challenging Greg Abbott for the governorship of Texas. He talked with us from his Austin house, which he built with his own hands....

    May 5, 2021
  • The Musician Wins Coveted “Double Gold” award at San Francisco World Spirits Competition

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    The Musician Wins Coveted “Double Gold” award at San Francisco World Spirits Competition

    Last week, the Musician won one of the most highly respected spirit awards on Planet Earth....

    May 4, 2021
  • Gabrielle Pharms

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    Gabrielle Pharms

    In recent years, Gabrielle Pharms has broken through into the (incredibly insular) whiskey-writing scene in a big way, sharing her knowledge in venues like Bourbon+, Imbibe, W Magazine, Shondaland, UPROXX, Teen Vogue, Mixmag, Billboard, Wine Enthusiast, and Texas Monthly. Pharms brings a breadth of knowledge that’s only matched by her breezy writing style, making this occasionally stuffy spirit feel fresh. And she calls Texas home! Pharms provides new evidence that the Lone Star State is changing the face of whiskey, bringing our own awareness and philosophy to the game, while respecting old traditions. ...

    April 16, 2021
  • KXAN Features Still Austin in Story on Repealing Texas Blue Laws

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    KXAN Features Still Austin in Story on Repealing Texas Blue Laws

    We’ve been getting a lot of attention recently for our work to fight blue laws, including this story from KXAN. Still Austin has been helping to lead the charge against outdated so-called “Blue Laws” in the state of Texas. These laws prevent many Texas businesses (including liquor stores and distilleries) from operating on Sunday. A...

    April 14, 2021
  • Tim Doyle

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    Tim Doyle

    Tim Doyle has produced art for clients such as Marvel, Dark Horse, Cartoon Network, and Studio Canal. Doyle also art directs poster series for bands such as Metallica, Failure, and “Weird Al” Yankovic. He lives and works in Austin along with his wife and two children, a really stupid cat, and Bernie Wrightson’s dog....

    April 1, 2021
  • Jackie Venson

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    Jackie Venson

    After her electric performance on Austin City Limits last fall, the Austin American-Statesman asked: “Will Jackie Venson be Austin’s next breakout music star?” All signs point to yes. Born in Austin, Venson has spent years honing her craft. A graduate of Boston’s Berklee School of Music, Venson has dropped two EPS and three albums in recent years, each more stunning and accomplished than the last. Jackie has now rightfully claimed her place as one of the nation’s brightest rising blues stars, leading Austin 360 to name her “Artist of the Year” in 2018....

    March 15, 2021
  • Colin Gilmore

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    Colin Gilmore

    A native of Lubbock, Colin Gilmore grew up hanging around the original Stubb’s BBQ, soaking in the music of Texas luminaries like Joe Ely, Terry Allen, and Lloyd Maines—not to mention his father, Jimmy Dale Gilmore. These days, Gilmore has made his name for himself by blending a Buddy Holly-infused West Texas sensibility with the simmering rebelliousness of Brit bands like the Clash and the Pogues. He talked with us from his South Austin home, where he extolled the virtues of frequent travel and bourbon on ice....

    March 1, 2021
  • Marc Burckhardt

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    Marc Burckhardt

    A proud Texan, renowned artist Marc Burckhardt splits his time between Austin and Germany. Aside from perhaps his most important accomplishment—painting the images on Still Austin’s Straight Bourbon and Gin labels—Marc’s work has won many awards, including Gold & Silver Medals from the Society of Illustrators and Cannes Lion, as well as a Grammy for Best Limited-Edition Box Set Packaging (for “The Legend: Johnny Cash”). He has been named Texas State Artist by the Texas Legislature and the Commission on the Arts, and he’s a recipient of the prestigious Hamilton King Award....

    February 24, 2021
  • The People Must Have Their Whiskey!

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    The People Must Have Their Whiskey!

    We’ve been working with the Texas Whiskey Association to enact a temporary change in Texas’s direct shipping law for distilled spirits, due to the coronavirus situation. This change would allow you to shop online for distilled spirits and have them shipped directly to your doorstep. With that said, we are still 100% committed to supporting...

    April 24, 2020
  • So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

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    So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

    Over the next few months, our distillery will produce more than 100,000 gallons of hand sanitizer. Yes, gallons. For those of you scoring at home, that’s nearly 12 million ounces of hand sanitizer—or roughly a soda can’s worth for every person in Austin. Through a partnership with the City of Austin and Travis County COVID-19...

    April 14, 2020
  • IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Doing Our Part to Keep Austin Safe

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    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Doing Our Part to Keep Austin Safe

    At Still Austin, we take whiskey very seriously—and nothing is more serious than the safety of our team and our dedicated customers. That’s why we have made the difficult decision to close our tasting room bar for the next few weeks, along with cancelling upcoming events. Faced with the spread of COVID-19, we are charged with...

    March 13, 2020
  • The Show Is #STILLOn

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    The Show Is #STILLOn

    Hey Hey, My My, Rock and Roll Will Never Die Here at Still, we are both proud and saddened by our city’s decision to shut down Austin’s largest music festival. Despite this setback, we want to continue to support our local musicians—and those who have traveled from afar, despite the dangers. We also want to...

    March 12, 2020
  • Distiller’s Corner: Feeling Our Oats

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    Distiller’s Corner: Feeling Our Oats

    We’ve had some serious success with our Distillery Reserve Series—especially with our special holiday release Sherry Cask Finished Bourbon, which sold out almost immediately. But to quote rock demigods Bachman Turner Overdrive, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.   We’ve got some dandy spirits coming down the line, starting with a bourbon made with naked oats....

    March 2, 2020