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American Gin: "The Naturalist"

Still Austin’s American Gin—known as “The Naturalist”—employs the same gin recipe that’s built a loyal fanbase over the past few years. The spirit continues our tradition of hand-distilling in small batches, using 100% Texas-grown grains: Brasetto rye and non-GMO white corn. The spice of the rye provides a perfect counterpoint to the sweetness of the corn. Each 100-gallon batch is distilled using our smaller pot still, known as “The Queen,” and we’ve infused the spirit with a lush combination of 12 botanicals, including coriander, elderflower, Jamaican allspice, two types of cinnamon and three types of citrus.

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still used to make still austin whiskey and gin at the still austin whiskey co distillery in austin texas
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How We Make Our Gin

Still Austin makes everything from scratch, meaning we have our hands in the entire process. We mill the grains, we ferment the mash, and we distill the botanicals. We focus on every detailed step to prepare this gin the right way—even using our own rye whiskey as a base for the gin. Our Still Austin Gin touches two types of stills: our column still to craft the cleanest rye spirit base, and our copper-pot still to make sure the aromatics blend seamlessly. The result is a perfectly balanced gin, distilled in small batches with real botanicals, and proofed down slowly over time using our slow-water reduction philosophy.

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still austin american gin bottle designed by artist marc burckhardt

Marc Burckhardt: The artist behind the label

The label art was painted by internationally renowned Austin artist Marc Burckhardt, who also painted our Straight Bourbon siren, “The Musician.” Hidden among the ornate overgrowth on the label, gin lovers will find hidden references to many of our American Gin’s flavorful ingredients, including grapefruit, juniper, orris, angelica and elderflower.