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bottle of sherry cask whiskey made by still austin whiskey co in austin texas

Sherry-Cask Finished Bourbon

This super-limited holiday release is now sold out. Our sherry-cask finished bourbon was specially aged in a former Pedro Ximénez sherry cask. As with all our bourbons, we hand selected white corn, Elbon rye, and “wildfire” malted barley, then put the rapidly shifting temperatures of Central Texas to work, coaxing flavors from the charred oak barrels in our rickhouse. The outcome was a deceptively dark spirit, with lingering hints of fig and honey. A part of our Distillery Reserve Series, available exclusively at our South Austin distillery, this sherry-cask finished bourbon was only available in a 375ml bottle, and has now been moved to our archive.

Mash bill

70% white corn, 25% Elbon rye, 5% malted barley

Tasting notes

From Lead Distiller John Schrepel:

“Although it was finished in a sherry cask, this bourbon still shines brightly. The sherry complements the bourbon extremely well, bringing sweetness and added spice, and one of the longest finishes I’ve tasted in a barrel-finished spirit.”