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Since the late nineteenth century, “Bottled in Bond” has been a shorthand way of telling whiskey aficionados that an American whiskey has been distilled, bottled and aged according to a very specific set of federal standards. In short, the Bottled in Bond label indicates that a whiskey has been created at a single distillery, aged for a minimum of four years in a federally bonded warehouse using American oak barrels, and bottled at 100 proof under the supervision of the federal government. To put it more simply, it’s a guarantee of authenticity and the highest quality. Not many American distilleries are qualified to release a Bottled in Bond spirit, and we’re proud to be one of the few in Texas.

The whiskeys in our Seasonal Bottled in Bond Series capture the ingredients, flavors and themes of the seasons from which they were inspired. For each label, internationally acclaimed artist Marc Burckhardt—the painter responsible for the labels on our flagship spirits—has used images to conjure the indescribable moods of summer, fall, winter and spring, selecting a different animal and color to highlight each season. Each of these releases will be available in limited quantities, at select retail locations, and only in the season of their release.

The Whiskeys


In recent years, Texas whiskey has exploded onto the world scene—and there’s one major reason for that. The climate in Texas, and more specifically the wild weather swings here, create a perfect environment in which to age whiskey. The reason is simple: each jump in temperature or drop in barometric pressure pushes the spirits in and out of the oak in the barrels. For this reason, Texas whiskey simply ages faster than in other places. That’s how a four-year-old bourbon from the Texas Hill Country can taste as good as a bottle from Scotland that’s been aged for 18 years. If you’ve ever cursed the Texas weather, now you have a reason to be thankful for it.

The Art & the Artist

Before launching our flagship bourbon, The Musician, we searched far and wide for a painter who seemed to capture the sense of wonder, boundless creativity and deep reverence that we felt when we distilled our spirits. We found that artist in Marc Burckhardt, whose otherworldly visions have since become integral to our brand. For that reason, we knew who to call when we were planning the labels for this series. Marc came to the Distillery and sat with us, tasting the various Bottled in Bond whiskeys straight from the barrel, and letting his imagination run wild. The results speak for themselves: a stunning series of images, representing the four seasons in Texas and featuring allegorical animals and
deep, lush colors.

The Art & the Artist

“The paintings tell the story behind these unique whiskies, relating seasons, flavors, and animals with the experience of these spirits. It’s always a pleasure working with Still Austin—responding to one art with another.”

—Marc Burckhardt

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