bartender pouring a drink at the still austin whiskey distillery tasting room in austin, texas

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distillery tour visitors looking up at whiskey still at still austin distillery in austin texas

A still worthy of our name

Our still was a joint design venture between master distiller Mike Delevante and the engineers at Forsyths in Rothes, Scotland. At 42 feet in height, our beloved Nancy—the "Still" in Still Austin—was the first column still of her kind in Texas. In fact, she remains the only column still in the United States to have been built by the legendary Scottish master stillmakers. The most important thing to say about her is that’s she’s very tall—that’s why we named her after the main character in the sci-fi classic "Attack of the 50-Foot Woman."

men looking at field of texas grains that will be distilled into whiskey
charring the inside of new american oak barrel to age whiskey at the still austin whiskey co distillery in Austin, TX
locally sourced texas grown grains used to distill whiskey and gin at still austin whiskey co distillery in austin texas

Sustainably crafted. Locally sourced. Pure spirits from the heart of Austin.

Imagine what spirits would be like if you took all the corporate nonsense out of the distilling process. If you didn’t cut corners, if you kept things in the neighborhood? If you managed every step of development, first gathering clean, pure grains from local farmers and ensuring ecologically sound distilling, then aging in a clean, pastoral rickhouse in the Texas Hill Country, reducing proof slowly over time until at last you poured that pure truth into your glass? What would that taste like? We wondered that, too. It kept us up at night. We drove our families crazy talking about it. Finally we embraced local artists, makers, and devotees, and we made it happen.

barrels of aging whiskey at the still austin whiskey distillery in austin texas
still used to make still austin whiskey and gin at the still austin whiskey co distillery in austin texas
distillation tanks at still austin whiskey co distillery in austin texas

Blending Art and Science

Creating whiskey is as much ingenuity as it is exactitude. That’s why we insisted on building our distillery inside the city limits of Austin—a metropolis famed for blending art and science. But how, we asked, do we build a community around whiskey? We began working with Texas farmers, helping them turn crops; we gave back feed to cows; we built our distillery to conserve energy. We did this because it’s the right thing to do.

Come visit our distillery. Meet the farmers and the distillers. Touch the grains, feel how clean they are. It’s all here, in the open for you to see. No secrets. We’re proud of what we do, and we want you to be proud too.

Share a drink with us

Our bartenders truly represent the best of our community—and we can't get enough of the tasty cocktails they create! Come relax in our tasting room, or enjoy the patio with a delicious drink in hand. As if that weren’t enough, the Bearded Baking Company serves up baked delights daily, including brunch on the weekends! Click here  to check out their menu and hours.