Passionately Crafting Whiskey

Austin's Own Distillery
By making spirits from scratch, we ensure quality at every step. At the end of the day, this approach stays true to the spirit of Austin - authentic and original.

Our Story

Co-founded by three Austin families and backed by a group of friends and supporters, Still Austin Whiskey Co. is locally owned and operated in Austin, Texas. Our commitment to working grain-to-glass to create Texas expressions of American Craft Whiskeys sets us apart. While many outsource production and simply age, flavor or bottle it before calling it their own, that's not our approach. Inspiration came from an admiration of our southern neighbors' national spirits: Mexico's tequilas and mezcals. While we weren't looking to create agave-based spirits, we took inspiration from using the resources around us. Like Mexican distillers use of local agave plants,  utilizing local Texas grown grains invoke a similar taste of place for Still's whiskey expressions. The dream becomes reality. Distilling craft whiskey is one thing; building a distillery from the ground up is quite a different beast. Over the past four years we have navigated the perils of city permitting, walked amongst charred oak barrels in rural Kentucky, cultivated and identified unique grains alongside farmers, and managed to get one of the finest column stills in the world operational. Sometimes crazy dreams come true.
Farm Fresh Grains

100% Locally Made from Grain to Glass

Creating grain-to-glass Texas expressions of American Craft Whiskeys.
THE DREAM BECOMES REALITY- Building a distillery from the ground up.
Texas Grains Project

1919 Heirloom Grains Project

Still Austin is working with local partners to help re-introduce heirloom grains back into Texas. In 1919, the USDA conducted the first national grain survey providing data on Texas wheat varieties. 1919 is also the year Congress passed the 18th Amendment enshrining Prohibition the following year. Still Austin is working with local partners to re-introduce heirloom grains back into Texas and craft spirits our forefathers might recognize.

The Distillery

Our spirits are distilled on a 42-foot bourbon still custom made in Scotland by the excellent workmanship of Forsyths Ltd., one of the most highly regarded still manufacturers in the world. This type of still is known as a continuous still, a column still or Coffey still and used traditionally to make bourbon and other whiskeys. Custom designed by Micahel Delevante, our bourbon still gives us remarkable control over the flavors and characteristics of our whiskey during the distillation process. When you sip Still Austin whiskeys and bourbon, rest assured our spirits are made 100% from scratch in Austin, using fresh quality ingredients grown by Texas farmers.
Bringing whiskey-making to Austin provides the opportunity to rethink traditional American whiskeys such as bourbon, and add a bold new interpretation.
HELLO NANCY- Our 42-foot bourbon still arrives from Scotland.

say it ain't so: Prohibition had Roots in Austin!

TXThe “Father of US Prohibition,” US Senator Morris Sheppard, came to Austin from East Texas. He received his B.A. degree from UT Austin in 1895, and his law degree from the University of Texas School of Law in 1897. Campaigning on a platform designed to appeal to women voters, he promised that if elected, he would bring Prohibition to the United States. He was elected – first as a US representative and later as a US senator. He wrote the legislation leading to the 18th Amendment to the US Constitution, enshrining Prohibition. However, at the height of the Prohibition Era’s glory, a moonshine still producing 130 gallons of moonshine per day was found on Morris Sheppard’s Texas ranch.

Photo courtesy Orange County Archives (CC BY 2.0)

Expertise Behind Every Barrel

Nancy Fraley

Nancy Fraley

Award Winning Distilled Spirits Professional "Nose” & Master Blender

Nancy Fraley, is Still Austin’s professional “nose”. She is an international consultant for distilleries and spirits brands and provides quality assessment and custom blending. Nancy is a frequent spirits judge, speaker and the creator of the first American Craft Whiskey Aroma Wheel. She has produced multiple award-winning spirits.
Michael Delevante

Michael Delevante

Quality Assurance Director/Master Distiller

Michael Delevante is one of the most respected and experienced master distillers in North America. He designed Still Austin’s bourbon still to take full advantage of the unique flavors of local grains for a variety of bold whiskey expressions. Mike is a chemical engineer, international consultant, and author with over 54 years of distilling experience.

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