seven questions by still austin

Who Will Survive the Seven Questions?

Twice a month, we toss seven questions at one of our favorite artists, creators, makers, or innovators. It’s a chance for us to support people in our greater creative community—those who inspire us and intrigue us. Even better, it gives us yet another chance to talk whiskey!

Thor Harris

Thor Harris has gained national prominence in recent years as an Austin-based musician, sculptor, artist, writer, carpenter and plumber. His long and storied music career includes stints with SWANS, Bill Callahan, Davendra Banhart, Shearwater, Arthur Brown, Rob Halverson, etc. In 2017, Thor was kicked off Twitter for posting a Nazi-punching tutorial that went viral. In 2018, he accidentally launched a bid challenging Greg Abbott for the governorship of Texas. He talked with us from his Austin house, which he built with his own hands….

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Gabrielle Pharms

In recent years, Gabrielle Pharms has broken through into the (incredibly insular) whiskey-writing scene in a big way, sharing her knowledge in venues like Bourbon+, Imbibe, W Magazine, Shondaland, UPROXX, Teen Vogue, Mixmag, Billboard, Wine Enthusiast, and Texas Monthly. Pharms brings a breadth of knowledge that’s only matched by her breezy writing style, making this occasionally stuffy spirit feel fresh. And she calls Texas home! Pharms provides new evidence that the Lone Star State is changing the face of whiskey, bringing our own awareness and philosophy to the game, while respecting old traditions. …

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Tim Doyle

Tim Doyle has produced art for clients such as Marvel, Dark Horse, Cartoon Network, and Studio Canal. Doyle also art directs poster series for bands such as Metallica, Failure, and “Weird Al” Yankovic. He lives and works in Austin along with his wife and two children, a really stupid cat, and Bernie Wrightson’s dog….

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