Wiley Ross - Still Austin Whiskey Co.
seven questions by still austin

1. What gets your motor running, artistically?

The motor never shuts off. Art is simply the byproduct of the journey. Sometimes I wish I could turn the motor off lol.

2. Tell us about a work of art you feel is woefully misunderstood or underappreciated.

Yeezus, the album by Kanye West. As soon as I pull up and park this Benz… (bleep) He is a genuine artist, constantly revered for his older songs that hit the top charts, but his newer works are critically charged due to his face in the media. The art behind it is misunderstood and taken as insanity, when it is true clarity.

3. You moved to Austin as a musician, but now you’re (perhaps) better known as a painter. Which art form are you more in love with?

They’re both different mediums to express the soul, and art offers a different satisfaction–not a lesser one–than music.  I can paint away the pain and (also) sing from the soul.

4. How has becoming a dad affected your art?

I never loved something more than myself until I had my daughter. She helped me to regain my innocence, and that made my art more honest.

5. Your murals can be seen all over Austin. What’s the biggest challenge in painting a massive mural?

Convincing law enforcement that I’m supposed to be there.

6. What do music and painting have in common?

Besides the letter I, they’re both vital to me staying alive and relatively sane. They’re both a crutch I so gratefully lean on.

7. How do you take your whiskey? 

I don’t think the question is how I take my whiskey, but where do I take it. And that would be my mouth orifice.